TekCel T-4000

Ferris Wheel Trunnion welding cell

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TekCel 2000

Single door automated welding cell

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TekCel 500

Pre-engineered Robotic Automation Cells

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TekCel DT3000

Pre-engineered Automation Cells

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TekCel DT2000

Dial Trunnion dual robot welding automation cell

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TekCel 1000

Dual door and single door welding cells

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Pre-engineered Robotic Automation Cells

TekCels are small preconfigured modular automation cells. TekCels have several different options and configurations for factory automation. Each cell is made to be low cost, quick delivery, and easy to implement. These cells have real world production in mind. We designed them to be efficient, easy to access, easy to clean, and move. Our TekCels offer base models with high technical content.

Automation Components

TranTek Systems also offers a line of Automation components such as:

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