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TranTek Systems pre-engineered automation cells are cost-effective and offer the following features and benefits:

  • Common bases for ease of installation and start-up
  • Work cell design is adaptable to multiple configurations and applications
  • Available with tooling for a turn-key single source solution
  • Pre-engineered for shorter lead-times
  • Low investment cost
  • PLC/HMI and other features of high technical content are included
  • Safety PLC is standard
  • Customer selectable component options in base price
  • Compatible with all robot manufacturers
  • Easy tool accessibility from rear entry doors
  • Obstruction-free cell access with hidden cable routing
  • Preconfigured PLC/HMI base programs for easy start-ups
TekCel 1000 Models
Innovative Design

Easily adaptable to any manufacturing application. Turn-key TEKCELs with tooling can be provided for single source efficiency. Easy tool accessibility from two side doors.

Saves Time

TEKCELs have shorter lead times and faster setups with pre-engineered configurations for any manufacturing application. PLC/HMI base programs loaded for simple start-ups.


A common base platform makes TEKCELs easy to move and install. Compatible with all major robot manufactures. Standard components are shared across TEKCEL configurations.

Cost Effective

Low investment costs for shorter ROI cycles. PLC/HMI and other features of high value are included. Many customer selectable component options are included in the base price.

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